Welcome to Tom's Web Consulting. I'm Tom and I've been getting websites up and running for X years and working with computers for X .

When you need a website let me help you get going with one of the newer services such as Squarespace, SnapPages, Weebly or Wix! The great thing about these services is you will find them very approachable should you have a desire to get in and DIY. I want to help you at whatever level meets your needs, from as little to as much as you need.

Squarespace, SnapPages, Weebly and Wix based websites come with different plans starting from around $10.00 per month on up to host a basic website.

If you'd like to get your website going with one of the older website building platforms like WordPress, I can help you there as well. WordPress isn't as user friendly as websites like Squarespace but is a mature product and has a ton of features.

On top of the costs for hosting your website, registering domain names, etc., I charge for my consulting time. My rate is $50 USD per hour, billed in quarter hour increments. The consulting cost for a basic 5 webpage brochure type website is about $250 USD.

If your website needs are more complex or not suited to using one of the above website building platforms we can look at using Django, a website building framework. Django itself is open source and free. The cost for a Django based project would come from buying servers, consulting time to code the website, etc.

To get your website going contact me and let me know what you have in mind for your website. The more detail you can provide the better. Even if you have just a general idea in mind I can guide you to the website you want to have.

If you have questions about Tom's Web Consulting or web questions in general, please ask.